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April 2014 already

Can't believe how long it has been since I posted! Time has really gotten away from me, I'll try to update more often...

Loss of a Friend

Just had to say, I will miss my friend so much. One day just fine, the next gone. No matter how many times I think, I need to live in the moment, it didn't really sink in until now. He went home from work and was found next to his car, keys in his hand. They say it was a pulmonary embolism, blood clot in his lung. He was 54, no symptoms, just so sudden. I'm sure he is in heaven with his parents and playing some sweet music with his trumpet... His brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and many friends are still trying to understand. We will not be seeing Jesse's smile anymore, but the good memories will always be a comfort.


In Memory

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?


Been a while

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Been quite a while since I've been on LJ, not sure where to start to catch up. Hope everyone has a quiet, peaceful holiday.


I have some Dreamwidth invite codes. If anyone wants one, just send me your email address, I'll be happy to send a code back to you.

Just some normal weirdness for me:  I spent last weekend, the 4th, with my two nieces on a little lake in NC.  Very quiet, local fireworks display and hotdogs for all.  We also drove to Wilmington, NC to walk around and do the touristy thing.  I had some idea before we got there that it was on the water, but didn't realize it was the Cape Fear River, with bridges and boats and little shops lining the river.  Loved it, then my nieces reminded me that several shows and movies had filmed there, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Blue Velvet, etc..  The first image that popped into my tiny fangirl mind was Joe Flanigan, shirtless, on the boat in one of his Dawson episodes.  I stopped dead and spent about five minutes with a silly smile on my face on the dock,.  My nieces never did figure out what had me grinning for the rest of the visit.  All in all, a good holiday weekend.

I watched Warehouse 13, just to see if the pilot would keep my interest.  I will probably watch the next episode, to see if it gets any better...  Looking forward to new Burn Notice and Leverage.

I have been slowly listening to the commentaries of the SGA Season 5 DVD.  I'll eventually get thru them all, but it just makes me miss the team and when there was something to look forward to on a Friday night.

Jun. 21st, 2009

Trying to get back to some kind of home routine, one more time.  After my trips for work to California, I actually managed to take a vacation week.  It was planned a while ago, my annual trip to New England with my GA sister to see our NC and CT sisters.  There is nothing like getting together for memories and good old-fashioned giggle sessions.  

This time instead of me driving up and down the east coast, we took the Amtrak train from Raleigh, NC to New Haven, CT.  Yes, I will be planning to do this again next year, the train was comfortable, allowed us to stretch our legs, no traffic jams, no tolls or bridges.  It was great for people viewing (I'm one of those folks who go to football games to enjoy the other people, not necessarly the actual game).  The route we chose was to switch trains in DC rather than NY.  I adore DC's Union Sation, it has restaurants, stores, art exhibits, tourist information, cinemas and the light streams down thru 3 stories of marble.  We were there 3 hours going to New Haven and 3 hrs returning to Raleigh.  Well worth the waiting, we saw a cross section of families, college kids going home for the summer, school groups, international tourists, military, govt employees and as always were reminded of just how bad the economy has gotten.  Most packed their own food and drinks, we did too, to save money.  Much of the conversation around us, reflected the need to watch budgets and  try to find ways to keep the younger chidren entertained with objects brought along rather than spending for new.  Anyone who has a stable job and a place to live is so fortunate, I know I am, it wasn't that long ago that I had no job and was in danger of no home.  Just watching and reading about the election in Iran and the escape of the NYT reporter after 7 months as a hostage has me appreciating my life even more. 

On a lighter note, my two nieces also had a few milestones that I was able to help them celebrate.  One had their Junior Prom, the other graduated from 8th grade.  Lordy, I can't believe they are so grown up! 

As far as my fan stuff, I still miss my shows and are waiting for them to start again:  Burn Notice, Leverage, Castle and Bones.  A new show that sounds good is Warehouse 13, probably because Joe Flanigan is one of the guest stars.  I am very impatient for the end of June, SGA Season 5 DVDs will be arriving, the behind the scene features will be the first things I will be watching within minutes of getting them.

I also have some Dreamwidth invitation codes if anyone is interested, just send me an email and I'll reply with the invitation.

A picture of Union Station with the light just perfect:  http://family.webshots.com/photo/2094805300032984860GvHLSu
My two nieces all dressed up:  http://family.webshots.com/photo/2778126490032984860HBXYDk

One more picture with my favorite Team from a site I still check daily:  http://community.livejournal.com/face_of_joe/65796.html


Seems like June is the month for birthdays, so I hope each of these folks have a peaceful and joyfilled day.

girly_curl_3 was yesterday, Jun 20, "Happy Birthday" just a day late... 

ciderpress and nakedwesley both on Jun 23
raisintorte   Jun 26
inthekeyofd and karamarie mckay both on Jun 27


I'm home again, YESSS! 
My icon shows the highlight of my last day in California.  I was so tired of fast food, with nothing open but Denny's and IHOP when I would get back to the hotel at 1 AM.  I asked the folks at work where I might go for lunch on my last day (had to be there at 2 PM), they all said Vince's for spaghetti.  Lordy, I have never enjoyed a simple plate of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread so much.  If I had know about this place, i would have gone every day, they even have one on Rte 66.  Hopefully you can see it started as a diner in the 40's and sort of added on rooms since then.  Loved it!  I also found a Jack-in-the Box, that has incredible eggrolls.  Again found on the last morning at 2 AM.  Ah well, I also have good memories of last Sunday's drive thru LA, Santa Monica, Malibu, Topanga Canyon, back on Rte 101, and the foothills with Rte 66.  I enjoyed it, but I'm definitely glad to be home.  I get to pick up the 2 dogs and cat from the kennel this afternoon, and then all will be right in my world.
In non-food updates, I have several Dreamwidth invites to anyone interested, just email me your email address and I'll reply with an invite.  I'm still planning on staying on LJ and just using the cross-posting function.
Now I can start to catch up on what's been happening this week here, and take another nap.

This week is flying by...

Work is crazy all night til Midnight or 1AM, then conference calls during the day.  Love California, but am looking forward to that 6AM flight on Saturday and back to just 10 or 11 hour work days... Since actually driving around and seeing things on Sunday, I have basically seen the hotel, the road and work. 
The icon is a picture of what I am driving - it feels like I'm back in the 50's in a delivery truck!

Birthdays and Other Stuff

Happy birthday to all this week,  Four that I know of: elandrialore, ladyflowdi, astolat and syble4.  Hope you enjoy and do something that makes you very happy!

I'm back in California for another week of the strange mid to night shift, covering for an ill co-worker.  This time I was smart. got a late non-stop flight and was here at midnight on Saturday.  Took Sunday to drive around, thru LA, Santa Monica, Malibu, some canyon roads, then 101 to the foothills and hooked up with Rte 66. Definitely have a better idea of the enormous traffic patterns, even on a Sunday, lots of folks moving around, I can't imagine week day commutes.  For the rest of this week, I may take a few short morning trips but working 2PM to Midnight is kinda hard for sleeping, not complaining, I love seeing everything!

As for my most recent shows, Bones, Prison Break and Castle - some interesting stuff.  Looking forward to consequences on PB, Bones broke my heart with the brother and sister last week, Castle has potential.  And I still miss my SGA Team!!!  I've never really had withdrawal from a show, but I guess this unsettled feeling of missing something, just might be it.